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Before anything else...

I am Adelle, a Filipino, born in 1984, and my long list of interests include Japanese and Korean culture.

I created this blog primarily for "fangirling" purposes. I may repost entries from my personal blog, or not. But I'll try my best to update daily. :D

My apologies for not updating while I'm trying to organize my sites.


Hisashiburi~ ^^

It's been a while since I last posted. But I've been lurking LJ for the past months so I am not really late with fandom stuff.

So how was I for the first 6 months of 2011? Like most of you, the tragic earthquake left me traumatized as well, but after watching Sho-kun in News Zero, I felt the urge that I must do something, so my friends and I organized a Garage Sale it wasn't really that huge but the donations we received were pouring we couldn't thank everyone enough.

cr: ysabelandrei

Arashi Fandom is so amazing... Dome DVD is out...  ^^

The DVD is too perfect... I wish I could get one for myself soon. Just watching these 5 boys ehemmm I mean men having the time of their life, I really wish I could see them live too huhuhu. Just look at their smile...

But what's special with this DVD is the Training Camp part... it's like a recap of the past 11 years: DnA, Mago Mago Arashi, GnA... my heart wanted to explode.

Hi there handsome! ^^

When you say training camp... it means all 5 boys men (this needs some getting used to) sleeping together kekeke~ ^^

can't they just stay like this forever? :| and yes they played 'Magical Banana" again :)

Then there's lots of Sakurai-bullying (c/o MatsuJun) Sho's "Hey! Don't Touch Me!" will definitely be my message alert tone... just wait till I rip it :D

There is barbeque again... maybe a lot of us will be rewatching MMA Rowing Club after seeing this.

But the best part in this DVD, well maybe just for Sakurai stans out there is Sho playing Hatenai Sora in the piano... I love it so much I needed to clutch into my heart because I fear it might leave me for Sho.

oh how I miss spazzing like crazy... I love these boys too much IDE. ㅠ__ㅠ

I haven't finished watching Disc 2 yet but I'm thinking of rewatching Disc 3 already kekeke~

I hope you get to watch these vids too. :)

, me ^^


Restored blog post... ㅋㅋㅋ

It seemed decades already passed since I last went to office. After a year of bumness and months of waiting (as in super waiting) YATTA!
I finally started working today.


For if not, I might get evicted of this house already XDDDDDD. Me getting sick is a huge burden for my mom...  even though I still don't want to start working (because my bed suddenly turned so cozy right after I open my eyes at 5AM) I had to because my meds are so expensive plus those regular lab tests... my savings are almost empty and there are still lots of fangirling stuffs to buy. Aside from being so frustrated because the whole Glorietta mall is on sale... ㅠ__ㅠ~

FInally talaga. LOLS My body missed 'Stress' siguro kaya my eyes automatically opened 5AM. I prepared my stuff the night before, kaya around past 6AM I'm all done... the only problem is my suits that I bought for UAE which fit me perfectly when I submitted my finally medical requirement suddenly became 2 sizes larger... I knew I lost weight but I just thought that I returned to the size I was before I left the country... huhu I had to put safety pins on both sides of my trousers... now how can I have these altered so it can fit me by next week @____@ So now I'm trying to look at my old office clothes so that I can wear something decent for tomorrow XDDDD

That was Strike One.

Then I wore my new 2-inch pumps. My toes are officially dead by 10AM. Kasi naman what can kind of person in her right mind will wear heels at 2-inch pa on her first day? *FACE PALM TALAGA* Huhu... We had to go up and down the building pa naman because we had to open a bank account and have our picture taken on the other building. Kainis talaga. My toes are okay now after dipping them in warm bath. ahihi~

And since 'Kamalasan' come in threes the rain poured mad when I was about to ride my last jeepney. Thanks to the overpass in Buendia for sheltering me when I was rummaging my bag for my umbrella. Huuuuu~ I'm glad I brought flipflops, not only because I feared baha will ruin my 'killer' pumps but also because my feet can finally breathe after 9 hours of excruciating pain.


Was supposed to post this last June 28th but it mysteriously dissappeared XDDD


Now on with the main event, after all the mishaps.. ^__^

Note: The pics are either from my iPhone or snapshots from my Flip Video so they are not HQ at all...

After years of waiting Super Junior is finally performing in Manila... a dream come true for every Filipino E.L.F., I just don't know if I can find the correct words to describe every single sensation I felt during the concert. Let me first briefly describe the boys from my own perspective...

Leeteuk ♥ Ah Leader-nim... the moment you appeared in the opening, right in front of my own two eyes it made me realize how insanely GORGEOUS you are, why do you have to be so perfect, well next to my Siwon of course ^_^

Heechul ♥ I have a new name for you my dear... Bitch-rella, well he isn't Kim HeeChul if he's bubbly in all... I just love the attitude... Yo! Man! My brotha~

Yesung ♥ What an attention whore! Well I forgive you because you have such an amazing voice... I can't ask for anything more...

Shindong ♥ I'm sure many pinays fell in love with you when you counted from isa to sampu~ Your "ANO BA YAN!" and "PASENSYA NA PO!" is currently the new favorite expression ATM...

Sungmin ♥ You are the sweetest of them all honey... your pelvic thrust killed many beautiful dreams you know... >_<

Eunhyuk ♥ I heard you were sick... but I didn't really notice during the concert... you are the 'awesomest' sick performer of all time...

Donghae ♥ You are a very, very huuuuuge FLIRT! Damn you! Well I couldn't blame them all, you almost had me but then I realized that yes I love the Sea, but I hate fishes... just joking v(^_^)v teehee~ Your solo performance was one of my favorites...

Ryeowook ♥ You'll never know how happy my sister was when you winked at her... she's only 17 but I'll approve if you asked her to marry you *kidding!* LMAO! but really you are the cutest and fairest both as a male and as a female haha... you were not feeling well too right? I hope you're okay now.

KyuHyun ♥ Since my dear Siwonnie was missing-in-action during the encore, you desperately tried to get my attention back didn't you? I'm sorry I didn't prepare an uchiwa for you, but I promise on SS3 I will. You made me fall in love with you again but then you broke my heart AGAIN right after I read that second fan account. How could you!!! You kissed her then splashed my iPhone with water... I'm not Do-M just so you know. I stopped reading fan accounts right after that. ㅠ___ㅠ

Zhou Mi ♥ You are one of the reasons why Super Junior-M is my favorite subgroup, you're amazing voice was so dreamy I regret that I didn't fully record your performance. *bangs head* I envy those sexy legs... please try to hide now... I'd kill for those... @____@

Henry ♥ Your solo was fucking awesome but I'm sorry I deleted it to save some room for the encore, I'm really pissed that my flip video can only record for two hours, sorry you had to be the sacrificial lamb... XDDD *pinches cheeks*

and last but not the least... my bias...

Choi Siwon ♥♥♥ I just love the aura when you first popped in the stage... I love the glow... seemed like David (yes the one from You're Beautiful) came to life... you are not human indeed, can you just admit that you are a DEMIGOD and your power is to impregnate women just by looking at them eye-to-eye?! I know how exhausted you were, but it was only during the encore that I noticed it. I kept on blabbing when I didn't see you during the encore but I was sorry right after when I realized how weak you looked during Sunny. I wish I can hug you right then and there like what Shindong did. Our 5-second eye-to-eye contact was the best part of the concert. You took my soul and I'm forever yours... ㅋㅋㅋ

Has it really been 3 hours? Because it felt like 3 seconds... dang! If not for my recorded vids I could not absorb everything... specially when those 10 boys were running around... you at least need 10 pairs of eyes to watch every single member. I tried seeing you all at once but I went dizzy I almost collapsed. :B

The concert started with the usual video then the boys popped one by one... I think it was Donghae who came up first, then Eunhyuk, I was really ecstatic when I saw Siwon appear in the middle of the aisle,
then Leeteuk appeared in front of me... he took me by surprise, he was so gorgeous...
but still, when I first saw Siwon he seemed like an 'apparition'. XDDDD

They sang A Man in Love first. It was the usual first three dance songs just like the past Super Show 2 concerts (i'm not sure of the correct sequence though... it all happened so fast my mind had no time to absorb it all ^_^). I was so giddy because they performed in the center stage, what a nice way to start the concert... seeing them upclose and all ^_^
and Kim Heechul, I love you for being so 'emotera' :D
Kyuhyun had to pop in twice... :), No hip thrust though :(
U was Sungmin's moment, that pelvic thrust was the highlight of this song...

LMAO at the pic above.... XDDDDD

I actually don't have any recollection on what happened on She Wants It (except the scene where Shindong kicked newspapers from the stage) and Neorago XDDDD what can I do, can you blame a bemused fangirl infront of 10 scorching hot boys? I even forgot to record it on video *face palm* I think my sanity came back just right after Siwon's introduction.

The they introduced the members one by one.And as expected Brother Siwon started preaching the lost souls.
Yesung you poor old man!
Eternal maknae shaking what his momma gave him.
LMAO at Yesung trying to be 'epal' and stealing the limelight from Sungmin I can't stop laughing.
Shindong-ee surely knows how to please Filipinos :)

Now my sister's favorite... Angela... she almost exploded when Sungmin carried Ryeowook...
Poor Sungmin, all for fan service, Ryeowook enjoying all the fun :)
And here is Siwon longing for some skinship, LMAO Donghae looked so scared. Wawa naman Yesung...
And he wants MOOOOOOOAAAAAR! Yesung-ah felt so deprived LOLS XDDDD

Miracle ^_^ The stage is so crazy... I mean made a lot of fangirls crazy... ahemmmm...
(>^_^)> <(^_^<) AWWWWWWWWW....
Siwon found a photoshopped picture of  Kyuhyun in his body... laugh trip!
He showed it to Leeteuk, and what did he do...
He threw it away... ah Leader-nim is so insecure ASDDFDKJGFKADSJGKJASDKGJFKASDJ!!!

Siwon-ah comforting Kyu..AGAIN!!! that's too much na ha!!!

Disco Drive... they are everywhere again... and made me lose my lucid interval... maybe mainly because Siwon is running in front of me...

HEY! WTF are you two doing?!!!
No one is safe from Shiwon Skinship... not even the very puffy Sungmin... :)

Dancing Out... everything's a blur... all i know is Siwon is always running in front of me!!!
Whatta expression Siwonnie! XD

Honestly, when will the skinship end?

Siwon with another photoshopped pic... he love collecting his body wahahaha

"Dancing out on the edge!" Kyaaaaaa~

One of the rarest occasion that I see Kim Heechul

Siwon looking totally exhausted... ㅠ___ㅠ

To be continued...


Minna Please VOTE FOR ARASHI...

Round 1 has started!!!

Super Junior is currently leading...

Please vote for Arashi... we have to let them win as our gift for their 10th Anniversary.


Please register here: www.channelv.com/rde/v/signup.htm

And vote here: www.channelv.com/rde/v/3564_3567.htm

Please repost...

REMINDER : You can vote once per day so

please make sure you vote again tomorrow

and the day after that and so on... hehe...


Okay so the day I dreaded for has finally come.

It's Arashi VS Super Junior in the first leg...

Please vote for our Stormy Boys...

It's their 10th Year and let's show them that it's our time to shine... *SORRY SORRY SuJu oppas*

Please register and vote HERE

BTW Please read the rules... their voting is kinda different just make sure that Arashi is on the CHAMPION Box okies...


According to Channel V we can vote "Once A Day" so make sure to come back tomorrow :D
and don't forget to spread the Rabu~


It has been 10 years huh... I was re-reading my prior year post on 嵐's 9th Anniversary, time indeed flew fast. Before I can even look back on how I became a fan, there is only one thing that made me fall in love with this group...


On my 2nd year in this crazy fandom... 13 boys stole my heart but no one can ever replace the 5 men that changed my life forever.

Thank you 嵐!

Congratulations on your 10th year anniversary!